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Why I Always Take the High Road

Michelle Obama said, "When they go low, we go high," but there are times when it is tempting to go even lower!

All jokes aside, my personal principle has always been to take the high road. It's a philosophy I've embraced, perhaps to a fault, yet one that I wield as my steadfast moral compass in a world where many people make a habit of treating each other badly.

Choosing the high road isn’t about being right; it’s about the elevation of thought, action, and character. If I'm to be honest, the high road is not always the easiest path, but it is unarguably the one that leads to personal growth. The high road offers a vantage point that permits a big-picture perspective, devoid of pettiness and short-term gains.

Taking the high road is about integrity. It is about lifting others up even when our ego would rather we do the exact opposite.

I once mentored a young woman who repeatedly tested my patience. In other words, she got on my last nerve! Every strand of my being resisted the urge to wash my hands clean of her. Instead, I chose to be available, compassionate, and unwavering in support. Years later, that same young woman contacted me to express gratitude. My compassion for her even when she was being difficult made a difference in her life. It was a moment that crystallized the power of kindness even during difficult relationships!

If you are facing a situation where you're tempted to get down to someone's level, I want to remind you that by choosing to respond with grace, dignity, and respect you set a positive example for others to follow. It also cultivates a sense of inner peace and satisfaction, knowing that your actions align with your moral standards.

Let's be who we say we are and elevate others ALWAYS!

Michelle Donice Gillis, Ph. D.  is the author of Following Your North Star  and The Other Side of Through.  

Dr. Michelle is an authenticity coach who uses reiki, numerology, yoga, and writing to help her clients dig deeper into their subconscious to discover what they truly desire, not just what they think they want, or have been programmed to think they want.

As a Global Impact Partner with Iaomai Global, she leads workshops and retreats for individuals and groups interested in leadership and spiritual sustainability.

For more information, to book Dr. Michelle, or to connect with other women, visit

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I love this article. I'm sure I'm that girl that tested sooo many nerves, and I'm still alive, barely. I was playing with death playing with Ole school , knock you out, nerves. That's because I always took the road less traveled. I always had to stop and play along the way.🤣

Mi piace
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